14th basan Cleanroomforum [Thursday 27. June 2013]

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GMP expertice for pharmacies [Wednesday 27. February 2013]

14. basan Cleanroom forum May, 23, 2013 in Kelsterbach Germany

First joint appearance of basan and VWR. The fledgling partnership brings clear benefits to customers and this was also evident in the collective exhibition in Karlsruhe.

Looking back on 21. NZW, Hamburg, Germany [Wednesday 20. February 2013]

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In June 2012 ReinRaumTechnik reported on the takeover of basan GmbH by VWR International. Five months after this became public, Frank Braun and Jacobus Bartels from basan, as well as Stephan Labonté from VWR were interviewed by...

This year the well-known Aseptic Conference has expanded its range of topics to include cleanroom technology, and is now Aseptikon. Of course basan, as the Cleanroom Division of VWR International, may not be absent here.

Successful NZW-Süd, Ravensburg, Germany [Thursday 20. September 2012]

Pharmaceutical and Oncological Congress